What is the highest quality whiskey?

You can throw down a lot of cash for a high quality whiskey, but is that money well spent? Here’s a few things to consider.

The REALLY expensive stuff

We’re talking $1000 and up for a bottle here. Is it worth it? Nah, save it for your kid’s education. We’ve had some crazy expensive whiskey, and in the end, hell, if it’s been in an oak barrel for 15 years, it’ll taste like oak.

The expensive stuff

We’re talking $100 or more for a bottle. Is it high quality or just expensive? Certainly, experienced whiskey drinkers, well versed in all things whiskey, might be able to justify such a purchase, and enjoy every drop, but it’s not necessary to spend a small fortune to enjoy a nice whiskey.

American single malt whiskey

Scotch is single malt whiskey made in Scotland, and that can be fun, but wow, there are some really interesting American single malt whiskeys out there. (You can’t call it Scotch when it’s made in the U.S.) Check these out:

Montana Whiskey Co.

Yep, that’s us. We’re one of several Montana whiskey brands. And talk about bang for the buck for the highest quality whiskey! You get properly aged and carefully selected barrels of whiskey, top-notch proofing water, and expert blending for unique mash bills. We make the best Montana whiskey, offering quality, easy drinking whiskey at a reasonable price. In fact, folks say the nicest things about our Whiskey and Bourbon. Find us at a fine Montana liquor store near you.

Montana Whiskey Co. at theTobacco Root Mountains