Get a taste of what Montana is all about

Fine Spirits For The Great Outdoors

Blackfoot River Bourbon

Aged in Montana’s extremes, our bourbon packs notes of heavy caramel, spicy rye, and a hint of oak, all with a crisp finish. Drink it straight up, like we do, or make your favorite mixer better. Our distinctive stainless-steel bottle is tough enough to serve a rugged outdoor lifestyle.

750 ml | 80 Proof
Currently available in Montana,
Oregon & North Carolina

Straight Whiskey

Our barrel-aged, wheat-heavy, carefully blended Whiskey has a smooth start, a hint of rye, and a crisp, dry, caramel finish.

750 ml | 80 Proof
Currently available in Montana

Straight Bourbon

Our “Northern” Bourbon, with its minimum corn, a spicy, high-rye start, and a caramel finish, is unlike any Southern bourbon you’ve ever tried.

750 ml | 80 Proof
Currently available in Montana

Fine Spirits
For The Great

In the spirit of Montana, our bottle isn’t a bottle, but something tough enough to ride fearlessly downriver in a drift boat, be leaned against some campfire rocks, or take a beating in a saddlebag when you’re at full gallop.

Whiskey From

The Last Best Place

Crafted by people
who know a
thing or three
about montana
and whiskey.

We age our whiskey in barrels stacked in our rickhouse where temperature swings are big. Montana big. This creates expansion and contraction allowing the whiskey to extract more character from the charred oak over time. Then, through careful barrel selection, the artful blending of our unique mash bills, and top-notch proofing water, we offer high quality, easy drinking whiskey at a reasonable price. In fact, folks say the nicest things about our whiskey, even if they’re not from Montana.