What is considered the smoothest whiskey?

Plenty of fine whiskeys are smooth. They smell good, feel good up front on the sip, and after you swallow it, the finish evolves into even more pleasant flavors. And the trick here, we suppose, is not having to pay an arm and a leg to get smooth whiskey that doesn’t make you squint and need a beer chaser right away.

Of all the Montana whiskey brands, we can assure you that Montana Whiskey Co.’s Whiskey and Bourbon are plenty smooth for the right price. We have the best Montana whiskey and folks are talking about us.

And how do we make this smooth whiskey?

Montana Whiskey Co. ages its barrels here in our Montana warehouse with its big temperature swings. Then, thanks to careful barrel selection, top-notch proofing water, and blending for unique mash bills, we’re able to offer quality, easy drinking whiskey at a reasonable price. In fact, folks say the nicest things about our Whiskey and Bourbon.

Montana Whiskey Co. at theTobacco Root Mountains