What alcohol is Montana known for?

Montana is known for whiskey, pardner

From Montana Whiskey Co.’s founder of our Montana distillery …

“Long-time Montana families like mine can tell you whiskey has always played a role here. From celebrating successful hunts, harvests, and weddings, to picnics and rodeos, whiskey was there. For me growing up, it was time at the family cabin with venison stew on the cook stove, old Hank on the turntable, and the laughter of adults playing cards and sipping their whiskey. And in our family, that wasn’t a southern whiskey, that was a smooth drinking northern whiskey, just like the whiskey in your hand. We’ve put Montana in this whiskey, so try it straight up or with a mixer, but take it outdoors, and see if it puts a little Montana in you.”

In case you haven’t heard of us, we’re one of the several Montana whiskey brands, and frankly, we think we make the best Montana whiskey. Folks are talking about us.

Montana Whiskey Co. at theTobacco Root Mountains

Beer. Montana is also known for beer.

Pretty much everywhere you turn, all across Montana, you’ll find a brewery. And there’s some damn good beer out there. Here’s a link to the State of Montana’s list of breweries.

And maybe Montana is known for huckleberry cocktails

We think huckleberries are great for picking off the bush and popping them into your mouth. For the ambitious, picking huckleberries and going home with a quart will reward you with jams, huckleberry pancakes, and maybe even your own huckleberry cocktail creation.