Three Reasons Why You Might Consider Hiring a Montana Hunting Outfitter

Rifle hunting the timber. Montana Whiskey Co.

Montana Whiskey Co. loves hunting. Here’s a quick perspective on DIY hunting, reasons to hire a Montana hunting outfitter, and a good start on how to choose a hunting outfitter.

Do it yourself?

Many resident Montanans, like the Montana Whiskey Co. crew, prefer do-it-yourself hunting on public land. We grew up here and enjoy many opportunities … so for us, it’s DIY and pretty straight forward.

Or hire a Montana hunting outfitter?

Here’s the three reasons to hire a hunting outfitter

  1. You struck gold by drawing  a coveted special permit and your looking to get on an equally coveted patch of private land. An outfitter with the right lease can get you on that Montana hunting ranch.
  2. You need help packing into a remote area, like the Bob Marshall Wilderness
  3. You just plain need help. Nothing wrong with that! Not everyone grew up here like us, and if you’ve never hunted Montana, you’re going to need a hand.

Wondering how to find Montana hunting outfitters?

Crack open a copy of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s Bugle magazine and look for their extensive “Outfitter’s Camp” listings. Organized by state, Bugle ranks each outfitter with a level of support, so look for the highest numbers first. If an outfitter, like any of the following, makes supporting the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation a priority, they’re established and know what they’re doing. Found an outfit that looks good? Check their references too!

And you’ll find bunches more …

Old Pointer says: This post smells a lot like deer and elk and not enough like birds. Don’t forget to take your bird dog hunting!

Old Pointer is Montana Whiskey Co.'s wise hunting dog.