The 6 Montana Hunting Regulations Hunters Screw Up

Our trusty Winchester rifle laying across a backpack.

You might screw up if you’re not paying attention during a Montana hunting season. Here’s the top six regulations that get Montana hunters in trouble.

1. Driving Past Game Check Stations

All Montana hunters must stop at game check stations, as directed, when traveling to and from their hunting areas, whether they have game or not.

Old Pointer says: My owner isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. So it’s good he reads the regs in the bathroom all the time.

Old Pointer is Montana Whiskey Co.'s wise hunting dog.

2. Hunter’s Orange

Montana hunters must wear at least 400 square inches of fluorescent hunter’s orange above the waist. A little orange vest with a backpack covering up most of it won’t cut it. It’s good to be seen!

3. Evidence of Sex

Here’s the best practice on evidence of sex when the animal must come out of the field in parts: On your first load out, haul out a hind quarter with these two things: the sex organs naturally attached and the properly validated tag secured with electrician’s tape. If a game warden checks you, you’re good.

4. Shootin’ From the Road

Driving on a road? Heck, we all get excited, but you can’t shoot from the road. You have to get completely off that road before you can shoot. Also, if a vehicle can drive on a road you can’t shoot over that road.

5. Properly Validate Your Tag

In Montana you must cut out the correct month and day off your Montana hunting license before you or the animal leaves the kill site. Taking pictures? Go ahead and take them without the tag, if you want, but some people like the tag in the photo.

6. What Montana Hunting District Are We In?

Montana is divided into dozens of hunting districts, and the rules regarding what you can hunt and when change in each one. Use the GPS hunting app from, turn on the “MT Hunting Districts” layer, and never scratch your head wondering.

Keep a copy of the Montana hunting regulations in your pack or on your phone and stay on the friendly side of the game warden. And maybe think about hiring a reputable Montana hunting outfitter so they can sweat the details … and you can have all the fun!