Press Release: Blackfoot River Bourbon in a stainless-steel whiskey bottle

Blackfoot River Bourbon, stainless-steel, whiskey bottle

Missoula, MT — Montana Whiskey Co. has introduced its stainless-steel, 750ml whiskey bottle to Montana, North Carolina, and Oregon liquor stores.

The newly released Blackfoot River Bourbon’s 304 stainless-steel bottle was researched, designed, and coordinated by Montana Whiskey Co.’s founder, Todd Berg, over a four-year period.

“We’re the outdoor whiskey company,” says Berg, “and we wanted a custom, go-anywhere, do-anything product. This was a four-year quest to bring such a unique bottle to market, and honestly, it was a big challenge. We’re really proud of it.”

In addition to being virtually unbreakable, the bottle is also reusable, recyclable, light weight, and bartender friendly.

“We see consumers using this bottle as a cool water bottle, etc. once the whiskey is gone,” said Berg, “and the cone top on this bottle was designed to be bartender friendly. It accepts a standard pour spout.”

Blackfoot River Bourbon is produced with the same care as Montana Whiskey Co.’s two other whiskeys already sold in Montana: it’s nameless straight Whiskey and straight Bourbon whiskey. Unique aging in its Montana warehouse, careful barrel selection, top-notch proofing water, and blending for unique mash bills have made Montana Whiskey Co.’s whiskeys popular with consumers.

Blackfoot River Bourbon-Montana Whiskey Co.
Blackfoot River Bourbon-Montana Whiskey Co.