Press Release: Montana Whiskey Co. celebrates the release of its whiskey and bourbon

Missoula, MT (December, 2019) — Montana Whiskey Co., Montana’s newest distillery, has released its first two whiskey offerings to Montana liquor stores.

Both Montana Whiskey Co.’s straight whiskey and straight bourbon whiskey, in 750ml bottles, remain nameless. “For our first two products, we just stayed out of the name game, you know, like ‘mountain top whiskey’ or whatever.” says Todd Berg, Montana Whiskey Co.’s founder. “We think our company name, Montana Whiskey Co., has a lot going for it, and combining our vintage-red label and elk on our whiskey bottle and using our bear on the bourbon bottle, we think it looks great without names. And it tastes great too, I have to say.”

Montana Whiskey Co. hauled in dozens of 53-gallon barrels of wheat, rye, single-malt, and bourbon whiskey over the summer and began painstakingly blending this stock to bring out the flavors. “We’re really happy with these two blends,” said Berg. “We’ve had folks in for several private tastings and we’ve heard nothing but good things. I think these two whiskeys can hold their own against anything. They’re flavorful, smooth, and easy-drinking.”

Montana Whiskey Co. also owns a 600-liter, German-built Kothe still at its warehouse. “We’re still working on getting our still operational on top of doing all of our blending and bottling,” says Berg.

Montana Whiskey Co.'s Straight Whiskey

Old Pointer says: Remember, when the drinking starts, the shooting stops, or old hunting dogs end up with buckshot in their ass. Drink responsibly.

Old Pointer is Montana Whiskey Co.'s old hunting dog. Give him a scratch at our Montana distillery.

But for now, careful blending and bottling the first two whiskeys remains the focus. “It boils down to cash flow,” said Berg. “Whiskey mellows and gains its brown color due to years of aging in a charred oak barrel. Vodka and gin are bottled and sold immediately, but small distilleries like us can’t just rely on vodka and gin sales while the whiskey ages. So, aging, selecting,  proofing, and blending whiskey from another distillery is the answer for small start-up distilleries like us.”

Asked if Montana Whiskey Co. has its own favorite mixers it can share at its distillery, Berg replied, “No. For now, we don’t have a tasting room here at the distillery. That’s just another hurdle and we want to focus on high-quality production. And honestly, we just drink our whiskey straight or with an ice cube. It’s that good. But, if you’re into mixers, certainly our whiskey will make your favorite mixer even better, and we do have four classic whiskey mixers shared on our Instagram or our Drink Recipes page.”

You can find Montana Whiskey Co.’s whiskey and bourbon at a Montana retailer near you.

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For more information: Todd Berg,, 406.370.4502

Montana Whiskey Co.'s Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Drink them straight up like we do, or make your favorite mixer even better.