Montana Whitewater Rafting Trip: 3 Ways to Avoid Drowning

Montana Whitewater Rafting-Alberton Gorge-Montana Whiskey Co.

Visiting our State and psyched about some Montana whitewater rafting? We don’t blame you. Check these helpful tips:

1) Billy is a nice guy and everything, but … maybe you should: Hire a Guide for Your Whitewater Rafting Trip

We hate to say it, but don’t go whitewater rafting with your cousin Billy. Hire a guide. Sure, it’s going to cost more than a case of beer and gas money, but guides will handle the shuttle, give instruction, and keep it fun. Plus, they know the river way better than Billy. (They’ve been doing it all summer.)

2) Booze …

We feel our dog Old Pointer should handle this one:

Old Pointer says: Remember my advice on what happens when the drinking starts? The shootin’ and the boating stops. Save the whiskey for the take out.

Old Pointer is Montana Whiskey Co.'s old hunting dog. Give him a scratch at our Montana distillery.

Um yeah, it’s possible that we might know a friend of a friend that might have said it’s really easy to drink too much while bobbing down a river in the summer sun, so listen to Old Pointer.

3) Listen … to your whitewater rafting guide

Your guide calls, “High side!” What do you do? Before the trip, actually listen to your guide’s pre-trip instructions and know the commands. When you and your crew mates stay on the same page as your guide, you’ll be safe.


Need more tips? Here’s seven more Whitewater Rafting Safety Tips From Raft Masters including the one about how guys can avoid “romancing the stone” when swimming the river after you get tossed out of the boat (hopefully not) on a Montana whitewater rafting trip.