Montana Whiskey

Here’s the Montana whiskey roundup from Montana Whiskey Co., a Montana distillery. We’ve written a post on several topics and they’re listed right here, for example:

Montana Whiskey Co. at theTobacco Root Mountains

What whiskey is made in Montana?

This includes a pretty good list from the State of Montana’s website.

What alcohol is Montana known for?

One word: whiskey. And maybe beer. Click the link to read more.

How many distilleries are in Montana?

We count 20. Learn more with the link.

What is considered the smoothest whiskey?

Read about what is meant by smooth, how to make smooth whiskey, and a great idea for a fine whiskey at the right price.

What do they drink in Montana?

Beer. That’s the obvious answer, but click the link to read more.

What is the highest quality whiskey?

Not surprisingly, spending a bunch of money won’t necessarily answer this question. Tap the link to learn why.