Montana Hunting: 7 Posts from Actual Montana Hunters

A Montana mule deer in a snowy November rut.

Here’s the Montana hunting roundup from Montana Whiskey Co. We’ve written a post on several topics and they’re listed right here …

How To Start Hunting: 5 Things Montana Hunters Recommend

Learning to hunt, especially as an adult without much mentoring, is hard. You have to dive in. And you might make some mistakes along the way, we all do, but these five things should get you started on the right foot.

Here’s a Practical Hunting Gear Checklist Written By an Actual Montana Hunter

No sponsored links! After a season of hunting, we unloaded all of our hunting gear and wrote down each item here. It’s a solid, complete list for day hunting. Add shelter and food for multi-day trips.

The 6 Montana Hunting Regulations Hunters Screw Up

Read this post to help you stay on top  of the Montana hunting regulations and stay on the right side of the game warden.

Apply for Montana Hunting Permits/Licenses for a Chance at the Hunt of a Lifetime

You want to hunt big antlers or moose, or mountain goat, or sheep? Get your applications in on time!

The Mystery of Nonresident Montana Hunting Licenses for Deer and Elk Explained

If you’ve never hunted Montana, the licenses and permits for residents and nonresidents can be a bit confusing. This should help …

Three Reasons Why You Might Consider Hiring a Montana Hunting Outfitter

Hiring a hunting outfitter in Montana is expensive. Here’s why it might be money well spent.

Montana Hunting Seasons, Including Ditch Peacock Season

Hunting seasons for 28 different critters? That’s a lot. Plus, there’s ditch peacock season. Read …