How to Get a Montana Fishing License

Fishing Fish Creek west of Alberton, Montana.

When you need one, (when you DON’T need one), where to get it, and which license to get …

First, what age do you need a fishing license in Montana?

Children 11 and younger fish for free and don’t need a Montana fishing license, but they “must observe all limits and regulations.” For adults there are circumstances when you can get free fishing in Montana too! Read this!

When you need a Montana fishing license

If you’re 12 or older and  you fish State waters, which is most water, you’ll need a Montana fishing license. The exceptions are Montana’s Indian reservations and national parks, for example, and those have their own permits and rules. But most of Montana’s famous trout fisheries, like the upper Missouri, the Blackfoot River, Rock Creek, and the Bighorn River tail waters, are all State waters.

Old Pointer says: Pssst … There’s one holiday when you DON’T need a Montana fishing license and fishing is FREE. Bark!

Old Pointer is Montana Whiskey Co.'s old hunting dog. Give him a scratch at our Montana distillery.

Where to buy your Montana Fishing License

  1. Click this link to buy your Montana fishing license online.
  2. Or buy it from a retailer. Here’s the interactive map of Montana fishing license retailers located all across Montana.
  3. You can also buy it at an office in one of Montana’s seven Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks regions.

What Montana fishing license to buy

There are a number of options when residents and nonresidents buy a Montana fishing license, two-day license, ten-day license, season license … Plus, you must buy a conservation license and an Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Pass (AISPP). Here’s every detail you’ll ever want to know about Montana fishing licenses, cost and fees, but don’t worry … it’s really simple.