Grand Prismatic Spring – Instagram versus Reality

Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park - Montana Whiskey Co.

Instagram! Grand Prismatic Spring

On a recent visit to Yellowstone National Park in early July, we snapped a great photo of Yellowstone National Park’s Grand Prismatic Spring (above).


We also shot the video below moments later. This is the Spring’s Overlook, reached from the Fairy Falls Trail parking lot. It’s a half mile walk, so give yourself one to two hours to see this famous thermal feature.

Old Pointer says: If I need more space, I just curl my lip, and show a little tooth. Grrrrr.

Old Pointer is Montana Whiskey Co.'s old hunting dog. Give him a scratch at our Montana distillery.

What is the best time of year to go to Yellowstone National Park?

Yes, Yellowstone National Park is a busy place, and this is a good reminder to consider one of the following:

  • Visit Yellowstone with a plan to beat the crowds at the biggest attractions early in the morning, if you must go during the pleasant-weather, peak season of July and August.
  • Beat the masses and visit early in the season, like mid-May or early June. Bring a coat.
  • Visit later in the season: September or October. Pack your mittens. If you can catch good weather in October, you’ll have Yellowstone to yourself.
  • Or just relax and accept the fact that traffic, limited parking, and shoulder rubbing happens because the world loves Yellowstone National Park.

Can you swim in Grand Prismatic Spring?

No swimming! Don’t leave the boardwalk! Thermal features at Yellowstone National Park are extremely hot and can be acidic. Did you read the sad news report about the guy that fell in to a hot springs near Norris Geyser Basin while looking for a place to soak and apparently dissolved before they could retrieve the body the next day?

If you’d like to safely enjoy Montana’s hot springs, read our Montana hot springs post.

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