FREE fishing: When you DON’T need a Montana Fishing License

Fishing the Blackfoot River near its confluence with the North Fork Blackfoot River. -Montana Whiskey Co.

Here’s how to get free fishing in Montana …

You don’t need a Montana fishing license on Father’s Day Weekend!

That’s right! The Montana fishing season offers two days of free fishing on Father’s Day Weekend. You have to obey all the regs, of course, so download your copy of the Montana Fishing regulations and go fishing. When not everyone in the family is a fishing nut, this proves to be an affordable weekend of fishing fun for all.

Kids 11 and under don’t need a fishing license

You still have to obey all the Montana fishing regulations, but that’s easy. Take a kid fishing!

FREE fishing in Glacier National Park

National Parks are not State land, of course, so you don’t need a Montana fishing license to fish Montana’s national parks. Unlike Yellowstone National Park, you don’t have to purchase a permit to fish Glacier National Park. You’ll need to familiarize yourself the many regulations on fishing GNP, but you’ll find many opportunities.

FREE fishing at educational clinics

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks provides free fishing license exemptions for those attending approved educational fishing clinics. Find a clinic and it’s free! Call Montana FWP at (406) 444-9943 for more information.

Old Pointer says: Give a man a fish and his breath will stink. Teach a man to hunt birds, and we’ll all be a lot happier.

Old Pointer is Montana Whiskey Co.'s wise hunting dog.

How to buy a Montana fishing license, when you need one

If none of these three ideas works, you’ll need to support Montana’s fisheries by buying a license. Here’s the link on when you need a Montana fishing license, where to buy it, and what license to buy.