Fishing Montana’s Blackfoot River

Fishing Montana's Blackfoot River at River Junction Fishing Access Site.

Montana Whiskey Co. loves fishing the Blackfoot River. Here’s a river access you should find, a good place to find a fishing report, and a link to a good river access map.

Our Favorite Blackfoot River Access: Notellum Creek

Spoiled like horses in spring pasture, Montana Whiskey Co. gets to fish the Blackfoot River once in a while. We drove the one-ton up Highway 200 along the Blackfoot River to our “hidden river paradise” in the Blackfoot Valley at the mouth of Notellum Creek. The Bob Marshall Wilderness looms to the north, and Norman Maclean’s famous novel, A River Runs Through It, looms too when you fish this river.

Hidden? Yep, Notellum Creek is hard to find. Stop in at Trixi’s Antler Saloon in Ovando and ask for directions. If they can’t think of it, ask for a burger and a drink.

On our early morning drive in, we saw a beautiful, blonde black bear cross the road while we cruised lonely roads. And as usual, we had a solid day of DIY fishing and hooked a few fish lips. If you have all day, and you don’t have to hustle back to your distillery, like us, pack a lunch and spend the day working this beautiful river.

Old Pointer says: Remember, the North Fork Blackfoot River is only open for fishing the third Saturday in May through November 30. It’s always good to keep your nose on the Montana fishing season dates. Bark!

Old Pointer is Montana Whiskey Co.'s old hunting dog. Give him a scratch at our Montana distillery.

Blackfoot River Montana Fishing Report

Looking for a Blackfoot River fishing report? <- That link is to the aptly named, Missoula-based Blackfoot River Outfitters. Check them out.

Blackfoot River Fishing Access Map

And here’s a handy Blackfoot River map from Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks to get you oriented. (336KB PDF)