Fishing Fashion for the Unfashionable

Fishing Montana's Blackfoot River

Fishing fashion? Fishing trends? We don’t worry too much about which bikini to wear while fishing, but we do pay attention to trends in fishing. Here’s a few things to think about when you’re out on the water:

Fish Photo Fashion

Falling out of fishing fashion: Long arms with your fish held right up to the camera to make your minnow look like a whale. We’ve all done it! Or maybe just don’t even take the photo at all. Look at the size of Ryan Callaghan’s cutthroat!

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You guys see the size of this cutthroat? #fishstory #repyourwater #idaho #sunday

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Old Pointer says: “Smell us now lady!” Bark, I love that! Hit the link and figure out who Ryan Callaghan is, if you don’t already know.

Old Pointer is Montana Whiskey Co.'s old hunting dog. Give him a scratch at our Montana distillery.

Don’t Trample Spawning Redds

Crowded rivers make this more and more important. Every spring cutthroats and and rainbows spawn and if you’re wading the river, you should bone up on where not to walk.  Orvis has some good photos of redds. Especially, keep your head up near tributaries and on inside corners.

Wet and Barbless for Max Fishing Fashion on Catch and Release

Keeping fish wet and using barbless hooks aren’t really trends, but they’re worth mentioning since a lot of catch and release fish spend a lot of time out of the water. However, we certainly understand that the whole catch-and-release topic is a complicated matter. <- Hit that link to dive into the details with The Meateater.

Montana Whiskey Co. hopes you have a great time fishing Montana, or wherever! Good luck!