Cloudy whiskey? Don’t panic!

Montana Whiskey Co.

Cloudy whiskey? Don’t panic!

Our Montana warehouse is cold. And once in a while, when we proof our whiskeys under these cold conditions, our whiskeys can get what’s called a chill haze. Don’t worry about it. The taste is still great.

Proofing is the process of adding our top-notch proofing water to our spirits to bring the high barrel proof, as high as 120 proof (depending on the angel’s share), down to the low proof of our 80 proof (40% ABV) whiskeys. Under the right conditions, cold and low proof, sometimes a chill haze develops.

Here’s some blah, blah, blah: “Decreasing temperature fosters precipitation, agglomeration of particles, and hardening of oils and waxes.”

Again, this chill haze is nothing to panic about. Just ask Whiskey Advocate because they know things:

All distilleries filter their barrel-aged whiskeys. You have to get the charcoal from the barrel out so you don’t scare people off. But some distilleries filter very aggressively. They’re after a crystal clear product. (And did they add a little dark coloring too? Just wondering.)

We don’t aggressively filter. They’re after appearance, bless their hearts. We’re after flavor, and we don’t mind risking looking a little different once in a while. And we don’t sell a cream liqueur to hide a chill haze!

Montana Whiskey Co. feels there’s a balance between appearance, flavor, and filtration. And we’re going to ride the flavor train with less filtration all the way to great whiskey.

Thanks for reading.